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A story of hope, love and separation.

Inspired by true events, From A Distance is the brand new musical that tells a story of hope, love and separation as one man leaves his homeland in search of the American Dream.

Following WW2 Sean Dempsey heads for America in search of a better life for him and his childhood sweetheart.

Can their love survive the Atlantic Divide? Will Sean be able to resist ‘The Call of Home’ as he embarks on an adventure full of danger, tragedy and lost love? Only fate will tell…

The show features an exhilarating mix of original scores and well known songs including Galway Girl, Isle of Hope Isle of Dreams, I loved her first, Irish Rover, together with an ensemble of some of the most talented dancers in the world.

From A Distance is a powerful and explosive blend of energy, emotion and music which leaves audiences from around the world on an unforgettable high. It is also a celebration of dreams, enduring love, the resilience of human spirit and the powerful pull between one man and his homeland.

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